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Shamva is a village in the province of Mashonaland Central, Zimbabwe. It is located in the Mazowe valley about 90 km north-east of Harare. It is an area with fertile soils hence there is high farming activity. The name Shamva is derived from Tsamvi - a tree common in that region. Early settlers could not pronounce Tsamvi hence changed it to Shamva. A vast majority of the population survives through gold panning. The area is rich in alluvial gold and most of it is found along the Mazowe basin. Gold panning is the greatest threat to the environment in the area.


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Million Foot Executive Lodge

4137 Hits • Address: 347 Low Density Village, Shamva
from $ 50.00
per room

Million Foot Executive Lodge is a 3 star graded facility 90km north of Harare in the gold mining town of Shamva, 30km from Umfurudzi National Park. This lodge in Shamva has a restaurant, conference facility and bar offering 'pure gold class service". The room amenities include, Coffer/tea making facilities, mini bar fridge, safe, LCD TV sets with full DSTV channels, air conditioned and workstations....

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