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Masvingo is a town in south-eastern Zimbabwe and the capital of Masvingo Province. The town is close to Great Zimbabwe, the World Heritage Site and national monument from which the country takes its name.

It is the oldest colonial settlement in Zimbabwe, and grew up around the encampment established in 1890 by the Pioneer Column en route to their eventual destination, Salisbury. The Old Fort national monument is located in the centre of town, and was erected in 1891 as one of a series of fortifications to guard the route from Harare to the south. The very first cricket match in Zimbabwe is said to have taken place close by in 1890.

There are a variety of tourist attractions within a thirty mile radius of the town. Within 20 km of Masvingo are the Great Zimbabwe National Monument and the Lake Mutirikwe Recreational Park and Kyle game resort with 12 different species, including the white rhino.

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Hippo Creek Lodge

5845 Hits • Address: Bannock Burn Extension, Victoria East, Masvingo
from $ 77.00
per person

Tucked away under a hill on the eastern shores of Lake Mutirikwi, lies Hippo Creek Lodge: architecturally crafted to pay homage to the ancient Great Zimbabwe, the second largest stone monument in Africa. Built up of stone and thatch, this lodge in Masvingo is dressed up in grandeur and splendour that meet your greatest expectations.

Each of the 20 individual lodges overlooking Lake Mutirikwi, Zimbabwe’s l...

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