Mana Pools

Mana Pools

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Mana Pools
is a wildlife conservation area in northern Zimbabwe constituting a National Park. It is a region of the lower Zambezi River in Zimbabwe where the flood plain turns into a broad expanse of lakes after each rainy season. As the lakes gradually dry up and recede, the region attracts many large animals in search of water, making it one of Africa's most renowned game-viewing regions.

Mana means ‘four’ in Shona, in reference to the four large permanent pools formed by the meanderings of the middle Zambezi. These 2,500 square kilometres of river frontage, islands, sandbanks and pools, flanked by forests of mahogany, wild figs, ebonies and baobabs, is one of the least developed National Parks in Southern Africa. It was saved from a hydro-electric scheme in the early eighties which would have seen the flooding of this subsequent World Heritage site. It has the country’s biggest concentration of hippopotamuses and crocodiles and large dry season mammal populations of elephant and buffalo.


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Kanga Camp

5056 Hits • Address: Kanga Pan, Mana Pools, Mana Pools
Luxury Camp
from $ 440.00
per person

Kanga Camp is set within the most remote part of this World Heritage Site: Mana Pools.

The camp is built around the Kanga Pan, the only permanent water source in the area available throughout the year, making it a hub for wildlife and a delight to explore on foot. Pristine and undeveloped, this area gives you a pure, unspoilt, private African safari experience.  The diverse area has a multiple of ...

Tafika Zambezi and Shamashanga Lodges

4304 Hits • Address: Head Office: 733 Iona Close, Borrowdale, Harare / Camp: Lower Zambezi, Sapi Safari Area, Mana Pools
from $ 325.00
per person

Tafika Zambezi is derived from the local Shona dialect Tasvika Zambezi, meaning we have arrived on the Zambezi. You will have arrived at one of our most scenic and best appointed camps in the heart of the Lower Zambezi Valley.

This area offers fishermen the opportunity to fish for Africa's premier freshwater game fish, the Tigerfish (Hydrocynus vitatus) whilst enjoying some of the continent's most...

Zambezi Life Styles Camping

2238 Hits • Address: Mobile Camp, Mana Pools
from $ 550.00
per person

The legendary Mana Pools is known for its wildlife rich flood plains and magnificent views of the Zambezi River, with the Zambezi Escarpment in Zambia as a dramatic backdrop to the scenery. The river boasts some of Africa’s most amazing tiger fishing and adventure canoeing safari’s, creating the perfect combination of beauty and fun and making this World Heritage site a must-visit national park.


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Inn on the Vumba Inn on the Vumba


Cottage - Sharing from $ 87.00 per person
Cottage - Single from $ 129.00 per person
Standard Room - Sharing from $ 70.00 per person
Standard Room - Single from $ 104.00 per person
Self Catering Lodges (min. 2 Adults) from $ 45.00 per person



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