Kotwa is a small town in Zimbabwe roughly 200km in the North East direction from Harare. It is situated close to the Zimbabwe/Mozambique border post at Nyamapanda/Cochemane.


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Pumpkin Hotel

3472 Hits • Address: Nyamapanda Highway, Kotwa, Mashonaland East Province, Kotwa (Area map)
from $ 95.00
per room

The Pumpkin Hotel in Kotwa is a wholly indigenous company, and is the brainchild of its founder and Chief Executive Mr. Douglas Mrewa.  Its unusual name is another of Mr. Mrewa's special touches named after his father, Chinhanga, a word for pumpkin in Shona.

The hotel was officially opened in December 1999 though it had commenced operating a few years before.  The Pumpkin Hotel is one of the best-equipped ...

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