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Hwange is a town in western Zimbabwe, in the province of Matabeleland North. It is a centre for the coal mining industry with Hwange Colliery being the largest coal mine in Zimbabwe (with reserves for over 1000 years). The Hwange Coal Field, one of the largest in the world, was discovered here in 1895 by the American Scout Frederick Russell Burnham. Zimbabwe's biggest power plant, Hwange Thermal Power Station was built here in the 1980s.

Hwange is also a tourism centre due to the presence of the nearby Hwange National Park, the largest National Park in Zimbabwe. The park is home to a vast number of elephant, giraffe, lion and other wildlife. The town lies on the railway line from Bulawayo to Victoria Falls. It is around 100km from the town of Victoria Falls.

Accommodation in Hwange mostly consists of camps (some luxury) and lodges.

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Somalisa Acacia

1995 Hits • Address: Hwange National Park, along the Kennedy vlei line within a private concession, Hwange
Luxury Camp
from $ 550.00
per person

Positioned alongside the famous Somalisa Camp in Hwange, known as ‘the home of the elephants’, this charming camp caters for an intimate gathering of only 8 people. All the simple but luxurious tents are on slightly raised decks, under the dappled canopy of a grove of Acacias on the western side of Somalisa.

The camp enjoys its own private views of a small water hole, frequented by large herds o...

Somalisa Camp

2367 Hits • Address: Hwange National Park, along the Kennedy vlei line within a private concession, Hwange

Somalisa Camp is set in the heart of Hwange National Park, and is known as the land of the giants for its big elephant herds. Nestled in a stunning location tucked away on an acacia island along the edge of an ancient seasonal flood plain, Somalisa Camp provides guests with breathtaking views of the savannah plains across the famous Kennedy Vlei line. At Somalisa Camp, you will experience the heig...

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Somalisa Camp Somalisa Camp


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