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Gweru is a city near the centre of Zimbabwe. It is home to Thornhill Air Base, an airforce garrison, the Zimbabwe Military Museum and the
Antelope Game Park. In 1928 Gweru resident and pioneer widow Mrs Jean Boggie erected a memorial clock tower in memory of her late husband. The Boggie Clock Tower has become a landmark in Gweru.

Gweru has a range of accommodation available, with some very good bed and breakfast options to choose from. Antelope Park has a lodge and is located just outside Gweru town on the Bulawayo side.


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Antelope Park Lodges

8308 Hits • Address: P.O. Box 1218, Gweru
from $ 35.00
per person

Visitors to Antelope Park Lodge in Gweru can enjoy the relaxed environment as well as participate in the vast selection of world-class activities offered at the Park. The Lodge offers activities including lion walks, night encounters, cub viewing, elephant safaris, game viewing, horse-riding, birding (over 120 species on the Park!) fishing, canoeing and much more... Antelope Park Lodge in Gweru welcomes...

Mfuti Bed and Breakfast

4001 Hits • Address: 12, Chilton Drive, Harben Park, Gweru, Gweru
Bed and Breakfast
from $ 70.00
per person

Our bed and breakfast in Gweru is set in a peaceful tranquil garden, on top of a ridge with a beautiful view. The bed and breakfast is ten minute drive to the Centre of Gweru, and fifteen minute drive to the golf course. We have a back up generator and 24 hour hot water. If you are looking for accommodation in Gweru, Mfuti Bed and Breakfast is here for you!

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Single (Bed and Breakfast) from $ 140.00 per person
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